Listening Sessions

Peer-to-peer listening sessions have created an environment for young people from diverse communities to ask questions and voice their perspectives about their environment, communities and opportunities. These sessions are designed to understand the areas of concern and better the excitement that young people aged  have about the future.

For  2 years, we have been developing virtual, in-person and gamified versions of listening sessions that allow youth to deliberate different topics at different levels of complexity.

Hearing the perspectives of the youth in addressing today’s issues

The Club of Rome Annual Youth Conferences

Young people from around the world gather to deliberate on the annual themes for the impact hubs such as: 

Reframing Economics,

Rethinking Finance,

Planetary Emergency Plan, 

Emerging New Civilisation(s) Initiative

Thematic Listening Sessions

The 50 Percent has partnered with national, regional and global initiatives to gather youth to discuss, explore and report back on the topics raised by the project partner. 

We have designed different engagements formats to for specific topics and audiences. In 2022, a gamified version on reframing economics was prototyped in Argentina in partnership with Earth4All

Locally Led Listening Sessions

Young leaders host listening sessions in their community to reflect, explore, and deliberate themes with their peers. 

These sessions are identified and designed by 50 Percenters. Contributing to the chorus of youth voices that inform the project and advocacy strategy of The 50 Percent.

 Our goal is to support young leader as they build global & local projects in response to the  insights from the listening sessions.