Who are the 50 Percenters?

A global community to build a better future

Did you know: young people under 30 account for over 50% of the global population!

Join 50 Percenters around the world in building a global solidarity movement
driving youth-led
systems change, from grassroots to leadership level!

Our mission and vision


To be a global leader in bridging youth across different geographies to engage in systems transformation by creating opportunities for learning and doing


Create a liberating environment for youth to rise to the challenges of our generation through: challenging the status quo; offering strategies and solutions, matching learning with action and well-being and fostering global solidarity

Our theory of change

The challenges facing our communities, countries and the world can feel hopeless and
for young people to make a difference. 

However, it is because of this complexity that we must have all hands on deck!

Our programmes

Tell your story

A free 10 week storytelling fellowship building communication and advocacy skills

60+ fellows trained | 5 Cohorts Hosted

Learning with other generations
Building systems thinking competencies through intergenerational dialogues exploring wicked problems with industry leaders.

12 Speakers | 100+ Participants

Equiping problem solvers
Capacitybuilding programs and focus groups to learn about tackling complex and systemic issues.  

The first focus group launched in 2024

Political engagement:
Transformation goes beyond participation to influencing policies. Facilitate policy consultative processes. Producing knowledge and reports for leaders. 

Building the business landscape of the future:
Capacity building in systems thinking for sustainable business and innovation.  

4 seminars in 2023

Our team

Matias Lara


Nolita Thina Mvunelo

Co-Director | Club of Rome Youth Program Manager

Kristen Miller

Program Lead – Storytelling fellowship

Vanessa Terschluse

Chief Editor – Magazine

Our partners