Youth Resilience Partnership

The futures of young people around the world are being devastated by the impacts of climate change, forcing
them to mobilise and act. Young people are stepping into leadership roles in their communities
and local
government and even becoming youth
negotiators to take their urgent need for climate resilience into
national and international decision-making.

Magazine: Youth Voices in Climate Resilience

What makes communities resilient to climate change and social challenges?

Learn from members of the Youth Resilience Partnership and The 50 Percent about the necessary actions and shifts to transform societies towards a sustainable future for all

Join the COP28 Resilience Agenda

Working group & focal points

Martin Lara

The 50 Percent

Vanessa Terschluse

The 50 Percent

Shuchi Vora

Global Resilience Partnership

Laetitia Mairlot

Global Resilience Partnership

Nolita Thina Mvunelo

Club of Rome / The 50 Percent

Aaron Acuda


Sumaiya Binte Selim


Ummay Asma  Bhuiyan


Christine Ogola


June Kimaiyo

IIEDGlobal Resilience Partnership

Founding members of the Youth Resilience Partnership

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